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Usage: Insert formula into cell


For example for https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b7/Europe_topography_map.png/220px-Europe_topography_map.png

Results in

The resulting image is bound to the cell with and height if you change height / widt of the cell, the picturw scales too:

Basically the picture I only an overlay over the cell. Its not into the cell, so you can move it around, but this would make no sense…

What you see now. Is a ID value, which the SenseImage calculates for the cell, which AG is using to find the cell and insert the picture over it.

You can also load images from the contetnt libraray with:


You can also use it in Tables:

With the following tabledefinition:

Excel Formula is: =Qlik.SenseImage(“ctlib:analyticsgate:IMG_”&H3&”.jpg”)
So a part of the imagename is the value in the first column

Of course, filenames with spaces don’t work, so you have to play around with qlik (replace them with _ and upload an image with this name  for example)

Also Empty cells or cells with a ‘-‘ you have to build an excel formula, which returns an default or empty image….

If you want to reload all SenseImage Pictures, simply click:

Fore e.g.: to test the attached document just copy the images to the content library analyticsgate and connect…


If an image could not be loaded or an error occurs while loading, there is now an defaultimage saying “image unavailable”

You can change this image with a new  setting ‘Default path for  SenseImage formula’

Here, again, you can enter anything you could pass as parameter to Senseimage formula:

  • Url
  • file in a network share  or in your file system (\\Intranet\… Or C:\images\…)
  • file in any content libraray (ctlib:…)
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