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Quick Start Guide – Excel Add-In

Download installer tool

Download the Installer Tool from here and click on “AnalyticsGate” Add-in for Microsoft button


In the background we save the download file in your app directory from the user profil like this: “C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Analyticsgate\”

Open Example

With download we have downloaded you a sample file for Excel. In this example you will be guided step by step.

Expert Mode

Expert mode switch – shows the “RoomID” channel mode.
The Room ID mode allows to input “Room-Ids” for example: “old” so you can switch to older versions or Beta like that.
for sure, you can switch to special versions e.g. every time.

Add a security rule

…to ready the license from the server ( we match the AnalyticsGate license with you QS serial number)

This rule allows to read Qlik Sense Serial Number to match the AnalyticsGate license.

Add a ContentLib

…to upload the license.txt to your Qlik Sense Server you need a new content libary “analyticsgate”!

Add a new content library “analyticsgate” (formerly “senseexcel”)

The new content library saved the “license.txt” on your Qlik Sense server!

Got to https://your-qlik-sense-server.com/qmc >> Content libraries

2. Create new “analyticsgate” (formerly  “senseexcel”) and select the “ser” and “analyticsgate” TAG

3. Configure only one security rule  “AnalyticsGate License” (formerly  “Sense Excel License”)


4. Upload your license.txt to the content library  “analyticsgate”

Allocate the User

If you have installed the “SMC” you can allocate users in a very easy way

(optional) you can set a “activated from / until” date

How many users can add to?

Take a look into the License overview and find the value “EXCEL_NAMED”.. there you will find the maximum value!


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