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Add a Column (Dimension, Measure, Formula)

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Add you cols how you like

See below:

Add and select your dimensions and measure (multi add allowed) from your data model / Qlik Sense App

Hit the “green” button and you will see preview of the row count on the top! In this example row count is “17”

You can add measures with stand Qlik script syntax also

In a script, the name of the data source, the names of the tables, and the names of the fields included in the logic are defined. Furthermore, the fields in the access rights definition are defined in the script. A script consists of a number of statements that are executed consecutively. The Qlik Sense command line syntax and script syntax are described in a notation called Backus-Naur Formalism, or BNF code. Standard quik functions are:

  • Sum()
  • Count()
  • Avg()
  • Min()
  • Max()
  • Only()

More infos you will find here:

Script prefixes

Expample preview  with a row count and with a Qlik syntax “sum(…)”

Edit your cell preview (Dimension, Measure…)

Click on the orange button (fx) and you edit your Qlik script

Submit with the “green” button on the top and you will see the result in your Excel

Change the cell format in direct in Excel – styles formating by Excel self – Click on orange button “Select format”

The Excel number format was changed and submit with “green” button on the top

You see this result table cell number format was changed by Excel self

Or other example:  Add a “TOTAL” column at the end of and use the caculation power from your Qlik Sense system

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