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Sense Excel the Add-In for Microsoft

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!! Sense Excel becomes AnalyticsGate 365 !!

Qlik Sense Desktop

No configuration required if you use Sense Excel / AnalyticsGate 365 only with Qlik Sense Desktop.

Qlik Sense Server Configuration

To use Sense Excel / AnalyticsGate 365 with a Qlik Sense Enterprise installation, you must perform the below configuration steps prior to attempting to connect. Sense Excel / AnalyticsGate 365 license keys are required to use Sense Excel  / AnalyticsGate 365 with a Qlik Sense Enterprise installation.

EXCEPTIONS: Qlik Sense Desktop and all installations utilizing a valid Qlik Sense Trial, Internal or Partner keys DO NOT require a separate Sense Excel / AnalyticsGate 354 license key.

1. Add a new content library “analyticsgate” (formerly “senseexcel”)

The new content library saved the “license.txt” on your Qlik Sense server!

Got to >> Content libraries

2. Create new “analyticsgate” (formerly  “senseexcel”) and select the “SER” Tag

3. Configure only one security rule  “AnalyticsGate License”


4. Upload your license.txt to the content library  “analyticsgate” (formerly “senseexcel”)

To get a trial license, please send us your Qlik Sense “serial number” to:


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