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The name of the resulting report. If a valid file extension (see “outputFormat”) is used here, it is not necessary to specify the “outputFormat” option.

Qlik formulas can be used to create the name.

Here they are some examples:
Report.pdf If a file extension is specified you don't need to fill in "outputFormat". If you specify an output-format as well, the output-format will be used. Report If no file extension is specified you have to fill in "outputFormat" ='Report_'&only(Region)&'_'&max([Fiscal Year])&'-FileLoop-DEMO.pdf' You can also use a Qlik Sense formula. ='\'&only(Region)&'\'&max([Fiscal Year])&'Report-FileLoop-DEMO.pdf' Create dynamic a folder.
required: Yes
default: pdf
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