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Create a new connection to Qlik

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The “Connection” portion of the Sense Excel Ribbon allows you to create and manage the connections Sense Excel makes to your Qlik Sense environment(s).

Sense Excel UserInterface-Connection-Overview  

Create a new connection to server

Short overview:

Sign-In : Pressing the sign in button will attempt to connect to the Connection shown in the drop down box.

Sign-Out: This will end your active connection to the server.

Edit: Edit all existing connection.

Reconnect: Close all open connections (sessiosn) and reconnect Excel to your last Qlik Sense server and APP.  


Sense Excel User Interface Connection Wizard

1. Add a connection name

BEST PRACTICE: Choose a Connection name which you can easily associate with the source system and find within a drop-down list.

2. Add your Qlik Sense server Url (you can copy and paste we will cut the rest from url”../hub/work/….”)

3. We try to connect with default authentification mode: “NTML – Current Windows User” 

4. Authentification failed / attempting, no worrie, we will open a embedded  browser with login form for you.

5. Connection successful created and please Click “OPEN”

The Qlik Sense HUB will be open automatically. Now you can select your APP.

Sign in with Current Windows user: Example workflow



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