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Sense Excel the Add-In for Microsoft

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Installation Steps without Installer – manuel installation

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1. At first: please check your MS Excel version (32BIT or 64BIT), please open Excel and click on “Account”

2. Click on “Info”

3. No you can see your Excel version type -> 32BIT or 64BIT

In this example we have found a 64BIT version of Excel

4. Open Excel again and Click on “options”

5. Click on “Add-Ins” and Click on “Go…”

6. Click on “Search…”

7. Add your Add-In “akquinet-sense-excel-4.x.x-64.xll” and click “OK”

8. Please check that you only have one version loaded and Click “OK”!¬† See below

¬† 9. Click “OK” also and now you can see the version¬†

Please add this Security rule for the Add-In in Qlik Sense – QMC

This rule allows to read Qlik Sense Serial Number to match the AnalyticsGate license.


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